Services : Adoption

People talk everyday about adopting pets instead of searching for and buying that beautiful, expensive creature with the worst attitude.  We love our beautiful, cuddly (or not so), expensive pets, too. But there are times when you have to think about the rest of the world.
Rescued pets need love, too. 
Every so often, we are asked to sponsor a rescued pet to get a new home. We do our best to come to the plate when we can. 
If you can help, help us please help.

To sponsor a pet who needs adoption,
If you have a healthy pet who needs a new happy loving home.

We can all try to make a difference. One happy, bouncy furry (or scaly, as the case may be) backside at a time.
We have a beautiful Giant Pacu Fish (pictured above) that needs to be adopted by a new family. His name is Fluffy, and he is a wonderful fish, with lots of personality. He recognizes when someone is coming to say "hi" or feed him.. He will come to the top of the tank in anticipation of dinner or a special pet on his side (just don't go near his mouth or you might become "dinner"!).
If required, Fluffy will take his 6 foot aquarium, with all of the filters and accessories, as well as what food is on hand.  
If you think that you might be able to offer a new home for Fluffy, please give us a call on: (055)1552020.