Services : Boarding

Pets, by nature, are social creatures. When loved and nurtured and given time and training, pets grow into full-fledged members of the family fast.

If you have somewhere to go or are worried about your pet getting lonely while you are working, we can work out a Boarding Services contract that will help you not feel so guilty.
It has been said that 
                         “If you can imagine it. Kangar can arrange it!”
                               ~ or ~
                         more accurately…
                        “Don’t let this happen to you…”

Your pets will feel right at home in our shop, where they will be taken care of and pampered. They will always have a friendly voice , fresh water and their favorite toy. We love our pets and we love your pets, too. 

Let us help you take care of your family better.

Whether it is for a few hours, a few days or a few months… — Kangar can help.